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The Hall of Awa Japanese Handmade Paper The Hall of Awa Japanese Handmade Paper
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1st Floor - Awagami Factory Store
The personality and charm of Awa washi is displayed through various types of paper (made from different materials, papermaking and dyeing methods) and paper goods such as stationery and items for daily use can be purchased.

1st Floor - Material blending and Papermaking areaSee picture
A papermaking area has been recreated where you can observe the process of making Awa washi; from the preparation of the fibers used, to the making, drying and finishing of the papers. As a general policy, only related parties are permitted to enter this area, except for visiting artists who stay at the hall for the purpose of creating their paper or art works.

Cooking Facility – 2 Bleaching tanks
Wash off cooked material by soaking into a tank. To make purely white paper, hydrogen peroxide solution will be used for bleaching.

Dust cleaning Facility

Beating Facility – 1 Beater
After washing off from ashes or bleaching, clean the material from dusts and beat with an electric beater. Later, by using Naginata beater to disperse and prepare the material for papermaking.

Papermaking Facility – 1 Sukibune (Vat) 970 x 1880 mm, 4 Kikuban 640 x 970 mm
Mix well with the material and water. At this point, Neri (plant origin gum) will be added. Swing the frame with the material contained liquid many times to create interlace of the fibers and to create strong paper.

Drying Facility – Pressing machine, 1 Triangle dryer, Drying board
After a sheet is formed, it will be placed onto a flat board. After a couple of hundreds of sheets are placed onto the board, it will be pressed by a pressing machine. Later, pressed sheets are carefully removed one by one and placed onto a drying board or a dryer.

1st Floor - "hands - on" try out areaSee picture
This area is for general people and students to try out and experience of making paper. Also, people can try natural indigo dyeing with your own paper or a handkerchief sized cloth.

Papermaking Facility / 1 Sukibune set (vat and frame), 5 Half Kikuban size (500 x 640 mm),
20 Hanshi size (270 x 365 mm), 50 Postcard size

Drying Facility / 1 Simplified water drainer, 10 Drying boards, 1 Simplified dryer

Dyeing Facility / 2 Indigo pots, 2 Dyeing vats, 1 Washing tank

2nd Floor - Exhibition room #1 and #2See picture
Exhibitions of designers, artists’ original works as well as historic and contemporary items made from washi and the Hall’s collections are exhibited.

2nd Floor - Multi - purpose roomSee picture
This room is used by visitors, for meeting, lectures and seminars, as well as for study of the many contained in the library.

2nd Floor - Design room
Work space for visiting artists. Only related parties are permitted to utilize this room.