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Policy for the use of the facilities

Awagami Factory provides Visiting Artist Program for whom wish to use the facilities of the Awagami Factory as their temporary studio to try and expand their washi-making skills and the possibilities with art works with washi.
An applicant must complete the required procedures, such as submitting the application form (acceptance is based upon our artist acceptance standards) before they are permitted to use the facilities.
The acceptance standards used for the evaluation of visiting artists' application are not open to the public.

Please fill out the designated application form.
With the application form, please attach your resume and a proposal about what you are wishing to work at Awagami Factory during the period of resident. Please be as specific as possible for the proposal, possibly with a rough sketch of works you wish to complete during the residency. Also, please provide us your website address which we can see some of your representative works. If you do not have a website, please sent the pictures to us.

The condition of acceptance may be different from previous cases depends on factory's production schedule. Please read the basic policy of using facilities at the Hall of Awa Japanese Handmade Paper and about Visiting Artist Program.

- Download Application Form for Visiting Artist Program
Download Lodging House Regulations

Company Members' Lodging House
• The visiting artist may be permitted to use the company members' lodgment (located in Yudate, Yamakawa-cho), with only a laundry fee for linens. Artists must be agreed to the lodging house regulations and are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the premises of the house. Basic cooking and eating utensils and traditional style Japanese bedding are provided. Artists are responsible for purchasing their own food and drinks and replacing those items used up during their stay. Please see the regulations.

Hotel and inn (Recommended)
For whom wish to stay at hotel or inn near Awagami Factory.

• Fuigo Inn (Japanese style inn)
31-1 Hisamune, Yamakawa-cho, Yoshinogawa-shi, Tokushima
TEL: +81.883.42.4700
- From Fuigo Inn to the hall, it takes approximately 20 min. by walk or take a taxi for 5 min.

- The accommodation charge during OBON vacation period (Aug. 11th ~15th in every year) will be 5,610JPY per day including breakfast. On the other dates, it will be 4,665JPY per day including breakfast. To order dinner, please mention when you make a reservation and choose one from either 2,100JPY or 2,625JPY. If you do not wish to order dinner, the cafeteria at the inn will serve light meals, such as udon, soba noodles or curry rice.
* The payment for the inn can be only made by cash.

• Kamojima Central Hotel
471-2 Kamojimacho Kamojima Yoshinogawa, Tokushima 776-0010
TEL: +81.883.24.8989
- Approximately 20 min. by train  from JR Yamakawa station.  Located next to JR Kamojima station. 
Single room (without meals) ¥5500 ~

• Facility fee of ¥3000 per day will be charged.
• The visiting artist is expected to pay for the expenses of his or her production other than the facility fee. These expenses include the cost of materials used, the cost of making new tools and purchase of special materials/equipment. Depending on artist's work scheme, the fee may be vary. Please ask us for more details along with the work proposal.

• All the fare will be cleared on the day before your last day and should be paid on the morning of your last day. The office will take either cash in Japanese yen or credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

Working at Awagami mill
• The working space and tools will be shared with other workers at the mill.

• The working space and tools could be limited depends on the working schedule of the mill.

• Do not use materials, tools and chemicals without permission of the office.

• When you need materials or tools, please fill out the request form and submit it to us.  Please submit the request in advance since the preparation of material could take some times.

• Please be punctual for the working hours, 9:00AM ~12:00PM and 12:45PM ~ 16:30PM.  Depends on the schedule of the mill, some of the workers might stay longer hours; however, the visiting artists should be finish their works on time and leave at 17:00PM after complete cleaning.

• The mill will be closed depends on the holiday schedule of the mill.

At the end of the program
• Please clean up the working space and tools you used.

• When you have extra materials, please bring it with you or leave it at the mill with a notice to the office.  (No refunds for material).

• The packing of your own art works must be done by yourself. We can provide packing materials (There will be a charge for new boxes.)
- Within Japan: Yamato Transit or Sagawa Express.
- Outside of Japan: Postal parcel (By air or sea)

• If you ship your package to the outside of Japan, please finish the packing before 15:00PM of a day before your last working day and pay the actual cost of shipping to us.  The size and weight of your package need to be notified to us in order to calculate the shipping cost.

• If you ship your package within Japan, please finish the packing before 16:00PM of your last working day.  The shipping cost will be charged on delivery.