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The dress made from washi was presented at Laforet Museum, Tokyo


At Laforet Museum in Harajuku, Tokyo, the paper dress made by using Awagami was exhibited at neo-Japonism event "WA", organizd by Wargo Ltd. 

The dress in 3 meters in the total length was produced by 'TENKI', a group of 3 creators, Shinichi Mita, Stylist, Shukou Tsuchiya, Artist, Takayuki Suzuki, Fashion Designer.  By making most of the delicacy of washi, it has dignified beauty and great presence at the exhibition.  Hereafter, we wish that young creators continuously use washi for their art works.

Profile of Shukou Tsuchiya

Sumi-e painter.  Born in Takarazuka-city, Hyogo prefecture. Instructor at Nanboku Bokuga Society, worked on background image of promotional video of Amuro Namie, drawing pattern for Hiroko Koshino. Hold events throughout Japan and exhibitions in Japan and New York.

Interview with Shukou Tsuchiya

- What was the most difficult part when you create this dress?

"I needed large working space for this big dress, and I had to comprehended the entire picture of the space and the work, which was quite difficult task.

Also, I had to keep my utmost attention since I was dealing with paper, which have less strength compare to fabrics."

- What was an unexpected effect by using washi as material for your work?

"I used Momi-gami* and roll paper, and I found they both have excellent strength, beauty and superb expression of the color of Sumi ink.  Especially, the Momi-gami* was very suitable for creating the curve lines of the dress and fully represent the elegance of women."

- Lastly, please tell us what is washi to you.

"Washi is a cultural asset which has been attached our lives and something we can be proud of.  By looking at the washi culture from different aspects and addressing it out, I think it can lead to a great development of Japanese culture itself."