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Gilding on  ‘A-WALL’


Awagami's wallpaper "A-WALL" is altered and changed into a different look by Gabor Ulveczki 's special gilding technique. Awagami wallpaper changed its appearance by a beautiful addition of gold leaf.

Born in France, Gabor Ulveczki is a gilding artist and when he started working on primary on gold leaf in 1998, he named his atelier to "ULGAD'OR". By oxidizing and utilizing causticity of gold, copper, silver and aluminum, he expresses beauty and creativity with colors. Mainly, his designs are formed by three different colored copper foils and four different colored metallic foils which are processed by oxidation and metallic glue, and then adding them onto paper.

According to Mr. Ulveczki, Awagami's "A-Wall" was just right for the aspect for his work and he satisfied its quality, that the paper was very easy to process for gilding and working efficiency was superb. He also mentioned that he enjoyed the cultural collaboration of French gilding and Japanese paper. He wishes to work and challenge continuously on new materials, and introduce the beauty of gilding throughout the world.

Mr. Ulveczki's works were presented at 'Maison & Objet' ( in Paris, September 2006.

More information about Gabor Ulveczki and ULGAD'OR :

Some of the photos are the display samples of his art works with "Rakusui" series of 'A-Wall '. Those are his art works; however, many of his clients are displaying them as practical interior decoration.

The photos shown on below are the samples of his art works with "Yanagi " series of "A-Wall". The size is 6 x 2.6m and it was purchased by his client in New York. Although his works are mainly marketed in Europe, his works are start penetrating to the US as well.


Ulveczki Gilding1 Ulveczki Gilding2 Ulveczki Gilding3 Ulveczki Gilding4

Ulveczki Gilding5 Ulveczki Gilding6 Ulveczki Gilding7

Ulveczki Gilding8 Ulveczki Gilding9 Ulveczki Gilding10

 Ulveczki Gilding11