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Our new project for a work of Gregory Colbert


We received an order from Mr. Gregory Colbert, who is currently having an exhibition at Normadic Museum in Santa Monica, California (Jan. 14, 2006 through May 14, 2006). It's an order for big sheets of 2.4 x 5.7m. We immediately formed a project team for this job. Ms. Ueda, who is in charge of hand-made paper division is rather optimism and she says “Are we possibly making that large sheet?” but she doesn't say we cannot do it. A good thing about Awagami could be we don't say “we can't do”.

First, we asked for an estimate of making new Suketa (a screen and a frame) to our favorite wood worker, Masuda. The last time we ordered Masuda such a large Suketa would be the time when we made paper for Joe Goode in early 90's. At that time, we only made 5 sheets and we disassembled the Suketa after the job because we didn't have storage space for the large tool.

We had a phone call from Masuda that they can't make the size of Suketa and drying board. They say they only have boards with 2.4m and they need bigger machine to process the board, therefore, they can't do this, etc. etc…
It is impossible to place a paper of 2.4m onto a board of 2.4m. After a few discussions with Masuda, we decided to add extra piece of wood to extend the length. We thought it's amazing and felt lucky that the size of ordered sheet is 2.4m because if it is even 1cm bigger, we could not have received this job. We also have to get ready for drying boards for each sheet we make. Probably the sheet won't be dried over night, meaning we need a few extra drying boards and space to store. Also, we need to secure the storage space for finished sheets. This problem has to be solved before we start drying the paper. 5 people for forming sheets and 2 people for drying….
We had a Shinto priest for purification prayer on the first date, March 11th and we all hope for the smooth operation of this job. We are scheduling this job until the end of March.

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Shinto priest for purification prayer