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Introducing the illumination works by Yuri Kinoshita


Yuri Kinoshita who had been working as an interior designer has started working on lighting.  We introduce her personal exhibition which was held in Fall 2006 at Osaka.

"A light is not always on, so it has to remain its charm even though it is off during a day time.  I layered papers, so a light has different appearance when it is on and off.  I used Momi-gami (wrinkled paper, such as Kyoseishi) and Asarakusui and Kozo paper of Awagami, and I love the textures and expressions that each paper has.  Even though the lights are off, I think they don't look so boring."

Profile of Yuri Kinoshita

Reside in Kyoto.  Studied Interior design at Osaka Mode Gakuen.  Formerly she had been working as a designer for interior merchandises, and currently she works on interior lighting.


Exhibition information:

Solo-exhibition of Yuri Kinoshita at Kyoto Art Forum JARFO

Higashi Hairu, Higashi Ohji, Sanjo dohri, Higashiyama, Kyoto

Tel: 075.751.0044