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Printing on AIJP (Awagami Inkjet Paper) BIZAN Thick
“ Rain of …..” Exhibition by Kazuyuki Okamoto


We asked Mr. Okamoto who works with photography and purchased our AIJP Bizan, to show us his art works. He kindly showed us his latest works on our inkjet paper. Also, the following is his answers of questionnaire about AIJP.
Mr. Okamoto has known about Awagami through a photography book of Mr. Gregory Colbert which one of his friends brought back from New York.

Mr. Okamoto's works on AIJP

The above is one of his works showed at his exhibition.
Upon holding his exhibition, Mr. Okamoto tried printing on Awagami's inkjet paper, and the result was pleasant for him.
Mr. Okamoto says “Before I shot this image, I splayed pigment onto the grape. I thought of printing it onto Washi and I tested a few papers. The result came out very nice. I shot this image long ago and I tried many different types of paper but none of them didn't work quite well for this image. But later I found the inkjet Washi paper and I tried again. I also used inkjet Washi for other images of flowers, and I really satisfied with the result.”

1. What is the model of printer and ink you used?
Epson PX-9000 with Epson ink. Black is 'mat-black'.

2. Who produced the works?
I print all my works.

3. What is the data source?
Digital camera. The image above was scanned from positive film. (4x5)

4. What is the environment of computer you use?
Macintosh G5, system OS10.4.4

5. What software you used?
Photoshop CS2

6. What is your impression of using handmade paper Bizan?
I tried many kinds of paper but my favorite papers are Bizan and Mermaid.

Exhibition by Kazuyuki Okamoto “Rain of …..” (Jan. 18, 2006 ~ Feb. 5, 2006)
At Gallery Miyashita

Mr.Okamoto and his art works