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Piggy made by Washi show up at a sales floor of Valentine chocolate!


Mr. Katsuro Yohena at Atelier Y, has been working for package design of Goncharoff, old established confectionary in Kobe. Mr. Yohena made this cute display of 'piggy' and 'flower' with Washi as a display of sales counter of Valentine products.

The piggy at the center is made by Washi

he photo above is a display of chocolate with animal shapes. The 'piggy' at the center is made by Washi, and the small animals around it are made by chocolate. They are too cute to eat!
(Nanba Takashimaya, Osaka)

The flowers and the bass are made by Washi

The above is flowers and a base made by Washi. He did not use any other materials to finish this piece. Although the material he used is paper only, it has soft and warm tone.
(Umeda Hankyu, Osaka)

Profile of Katsuro Yohena
Package designer who lives in Kobe. He continues work on packaging and enjoys drinks by measure.