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Schleiper, the largest art supplier in Belgium,
completed their remodeling.


The one of most largest art material stores in Brussels, Belgium, Schleiper has completed their remodeling. The inside of their store is bright and spacious, and it has paper department (there is Awagami section of course!) on the 1st floor, stationery, paints, frames and even gallery spaces. It is total art material and experience space for artists, students and also for the people who enjoys art as their hobby. They are open for several classes for water color, frame repair, etc.

For more information about their store, please visit at:



Their main store in Brussels.

Awagami section at their paper department.

Beautiful and fine stationeries are displayed on the shelf.

Large varieties in frame collection.
They are originally started as a frame maker, and they do lots of repairs for frames as many European values the old and they take good care of them.