Awagami Factory ONLINE STORE

The Awagami Factory online store offers washi paper & related washi products for our growing international customer base. In order for artists to create their best work, it’s important they choose the right materials. Awagami is happy to assist artists by offering many unique fine art and inkjet washi papers.


AIJP Digital Papers

Just as a digital camera is chosen with care, so should your paper for printing. Awagami’s ‘A.I.J.P’ washi are an outstanding collection of true washi papers for fine art inkjet printing. Archival and beautifully tactile papers, ‘A.I.J.P’ are certain to take your photographs to the next level.

Fine Art Papers

Quality tools and materials (including paper) are indispensible for creating expressive artwork. Awagamis ‘Fine Art Washi’ are suitable for many fine art techniques such as paitning, printmaking, drawing and sumi.

Swatch Books &Sample Packs

We also offer sample books and sample packs at a nominal fee so that artists may feel and test each paper prior to purchasing larger sheets. Awagami Factory faithfully supports and encourages artistic experimentation on washi.