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Annual Paper Making Workshop

The Annual Handmade Papermaking Workshop

Summer workshop in 2018. Application has started!

Participants will have a chance to experience making washi with a traditional method.
This workshop provides an excellent opportunity to learn how to process kozo bark and make it into a sheet of washi.
There are optional special workshops scheduled prior to and optional mini-workshops scheduled during the papermaking workshop. Registration and participation in the optional workshops is not limited to participants of the papermaking workshop.

Special workshop in Winter ~Harvesting Mitsumata and Papermaking~

At our Mitsumata model farm located at the root of Kotsu mountain, the flower buds of Mitsumata has started to blooming in the end of Feburary to early March. We will have a special workshop for this season to experience harvesting and peeling the outer bark of Mitsumata. Most of the people who know the Kozo and Mitsumata are the materials of washi; however, many of them are not aware of which part of the trees will be exact material for paper. Also, we will work on papermaking on the next day. Please join us for this special workshop to experience the papermaking from the very first step.

<< Blog about travel in Japan and attending our workshop
Written by instructors and students of Rhode Island School of Design
who visited our factory for a papermaking workshop in January 2011 which specially organized for the group.

The 32nd Annual Handmade Papermaking Workshop has just ended. We had a fantastic group of 16 artisans from 7 countries. Please see photos from the workshop here:


Please stay tuned for the announcement of our 33rd Annual workshop here and on Awagami's facebook page.